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Located in one of the most geologically active places in the planet, The Solomon Islands are above colliding tectonic plates. The islands are made of volcanic rocks from magma that formed miles deep within the Earth's crust. Several actives volcanoes can be seen nearby and hotsprings can also be visited

Design your ultimate Solomon Islands travel experience

Photo by Heather Francis

The Boat

Chemistry is a 60 foot, 6 berth, sailing catamaran with 4 cabins ( Chemistry photo by Heather Francis)


Cooking Classes

Immerse into the tropic life style with our cooking classes


Solomon Islands Destinations

Vona Vona Lagoon

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving in the pristine waters, especial on the wrecks of WW2. Surf close to Skull Island or Gizo, fish or just relax admiring the wonderful seascape 

Marovo Lagoon

Located in The Western Province of The Solomon Islands, Marovo Lagoon, known as the world's largest and best defined double barrier enclosed lagoon system. It is home to thousands of species of sea creatures with lots of inhabited islands, very friendly people living in the traditional villages and the most beautiful carvings in The Solomon Islands

Vella Lavella Island

Home of many traditional villages, Vella Lavella is a perfect destination for those who want to touch the traditional Solomon Island's life style. The beautiful hot spring at the Northen tip of the island can be reached using local canoes and walking in the jungle

Mono and Shortlands

These islands are the Northern outposts of the Solomon Islands. 14 days are needed for a Voyage starting in Gizo and visiting Vella Lavella, Baga, Mono, Shortland before departing 


Beautiful anchorages with jungle clad slopes. The fishing is good with some Wahoo and Kingfish waiting for your lure. Visit the Turtle Sanctuary of the Arnavon Islands close by to see turtles.

Sta Izabel

Home of the Papatura Surf resort and one of the few spots in the Solomons where you have a chance of some surfable waves

Suggested Itineraries and Time

We tailor your cruise to suit your requirements but here there are a few suggestions

7 nights

Gizo to Munda or vice versa through the beautiful Vona Vona Lagoon

Seghe for a Cruise in The Marovo Lagoon

Seghe to Munda to Visit Viru Harbour and Rendova

10 nights

Seghe to Gizo to experience The Marovo, Roviana and Vona Vona lagoons dropping off in Munda or Gizo

 14 nights

Pick up in Kagau, Southern Choiseul or Buala, Southern Isabel for a leisurely Cruise through the best places in the Western Province dropping off in Munda or Gizo 

Chemistry - The Boat



Chemistry has 4 Cabins, 2 king size and 2 singles and a large airy saloon with a dinning table and lounging area with entertainment center with TV and Stereo

Large covered all weather outside area with barbecue and trampolines on the bow for your relaxation   

Large covered all weather outside area with barbecue






Sailing - Fishing - Snorkelling - Diving - Surfing - Kayaking

Chemistry carries a dinghy with 30hp outboard to access the reefs for snorkelling, fishing or exploring the remote beaches and shallows of the lagoons

Scuba is available with local operators

Surf when the waves are up or just unwind on board


Merging in The Solomons Life Style

Strolling through a village is a good way to interact with the villagers and to see Sago Palm Houses

Luciana's cooking classes, that include visit to their gardens and market or trading with the passing canoes, are a great way to feel the local lifestyle

Cooking Classes

Chemistry in The Galley

Fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Roots such as cassava, pana, taro and yam. Coconuts, pawpaw, pineapples, avocados, mangos and many different leaves. Solomon Islands is a universe of flavours and smells

With these ingredients and Luciana's passion for cooking you will have a great experience!

Chemistry has a very well equiped galley, with stove, oven, fridge and freezer and all needed cooking accessories

Try it! Cooking is alchemy!

You can choose: Solomon, Brazilian, Indonesian, Thai, Mexican, South American, French, Italian, Lebanese and Spanish dishes. Whatever you like.

The highlights are the Mou Mou, Cassava Pizzas, Curry, Bread, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tacos, Cheese, Tapioca Wraps, Marmalades, Jams and Granola. Everything boatmade!

You also will learn how to deal with the local fresh products, like peeling and cooking the roots, making coconut cream and dealing with seafood!




How about enjoying an open-air massage after the fight for a tuna or between a walk into the villages and a snorkel? Or at sundown or under the moonlight?

Luciana's hands, with the use of exfoliating creams, coconut and essential oils produced in The Solomon Islands, will lead you to total relaxation of body and mind. Try it!



"Thank you so much for two amazing trips around the Western Solomon Islands! Skull Island, hatching hawksbill turtles and world class snorkelling were definite highlights" 

August 2015

Doug, Australia 

 "You have been a wonderfully caring, profesional and knowledgable captain and we are feeling lucky to have met you!"

September, 2015

Hannah and Mark, Australia

"We are very lucky to have experienced this and we will be highly reccomending this trip to all our friends"

June, 2106

Dimitri and Louise, Australia 

"Your hospitality and knowledge while on board was above expectations"

June, 2016

Peter, Joy, Linda and Kevin, Australia

"Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us and for showing us all the good snorkelling spots. You are both wonderful hosts! Thanks a million!"

October, 2016

Heidi and Ove, Norway  


Sailing The Solomons, Marovo Lagoon

Drone video from Marovo Lagoon

The Crew

Sailing and fishing Solomon Islands

The Captain

Gavin Prescott is an experienced yacht master who has cruised The Solomons since 2008. After years sailing the oceans and being in many places around the world he has choosen The Solomon Islands to live and now, together with Luciana, he is inviting you to share their life style in an unique experience in this beautiful archipelago.  


The Cook

Luciana Sabino is a Brazilian Chef with a large experience in tropical food. Grown up in Rio de Janeiro, close to the sea and in a gourmet and fishing family, her passion is to research local ingredients, to share with the villagers and then create new dishes, using her international cuisine knowledge.  


The Deckhound

Luna is a staffy cross girl, very cheerful and well educated. She loves to run, swim and play frisbee on the Solomons beautiful beaches, but she takes very serious her job of guarding the boat so nobody gets onboard if not invited.

And The Chemistry ...

Sea, Sun, Wind, Moon and Stars, Pristine Waters, Lagoons, Sea food, Cooking, Relaxing. Come and share our lifestyle!



How to get here

Flights to Honiara

From Brisbane, Port Moresby,  Port Vila, Nandi

Link Flights

Brisbane/ Munda (Western Province)

Direct flight  on Saturdays

From Honiara to: Gizo, Munda, Seghe, Faro and Kaghau in Choiseul, Suavanao and Buala in Isabel

Pick up

Gavin will be waiting for you at the airstrip

Our Trading Terms



• Payment of 50% of the total cost is required at time of booking. This payment confirms the booking.

• Full payment to be paid prior to boarding

• For cancellations prior to 45 days before boarding the deposit will be held as credit for another booking within one year. After this the deposit is forfeit.

• For cancellations within 45 days of boarding the deposit is forfeit.

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